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Julie Tippetts – voice
Martin Archer – woodwind, electronics
Anton Hunter – guitar
Seth Bennett – double bass 
Peter Fairclough – drums
Julie H Cole - artwork
I'm in between mountains.....
I'm floating on fountains.
I'm searching waterfalls......
Holding my balance.
I'm a dancer.......
Between mountains
I'm sailing across the air.....
Gathering oceans.
I'm suspended in motion.
I'm flying.....
It's like flying.
Je vole......c'est comme voler.
Je vole.
I'm balancing.....on a tightrope.
I'm in between mountains......
I see mountains moving.
I'm balancing......
I'm laying my life bare
Before you......
It's like flying......
I'm like Philippe Petit.
Je vole......C'est comme voler.
C'est comme si je volais.
It's like flying......


Like I'm flying!
Words by Julie Tippetts


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