Privacy Policy

Discus Music, will take all reasonable commercial steps to protect your privacy. 


We will never share your data with another organisation for marketing purposes, but we will, as a matter of joint legitimate interest, contact you with details of our releases from time to time.  You are entitled to opt out of these mailshots, and you are entitled to have your data removed from our systems.


All your data is held on servers within the UK.

In common with many other organisations we employ the use of cookies. This procedure creates files of information about your visit to our site and, for instance, informs us about what you found of interest there.

We do all that we can to secure your privacy including the use of encryption for the transmission of information. The very nature of the internet is such that there can be no absolute guarantee of security. Information can be accessed and used in ways which the company cannot foresee or protect you from with 100% security.

You therefore need to accept that information that you submit is to that extent at your own risk. The company recommends therefore that you should bear all of these matters in mind in considering what information you choose to submit.