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This label was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer and Mick Beck, and is the CD imprint for releases by their many and various projects. Limited in its scope only by the imagination of the artists, the sounds to be found on the label vary between electronic rock music, free jazz, extended songform, improvised music, and other releases which simply cannot be categorised.  Please do spend some time browsing around our site and listening to the various music examples to be found here.


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USA commentator Darren Bergstein recently wrote:  "Martin Archer’s Discus label is the UK’s best kept secret, in the sense that far more than the imprint’s loyal followers should be aware of its existence. Multi-instrumentalist Archer has built a formidable catalog that is genre-defying in similar ways to contemporaries ECM, Hubro, Sofa, Hat Hut, et al: ostensibly a ‘jazz label’ (which takes the very meaning of the word ‘jazz’ to heretofore unconsidered heights of stylistic fancy), Discus has long transcended such literal trappings (further-out Editions of Contemporary Music, natch), which means that Archer uses it as a conduit to release whatever sonic muse he, and that of his fellow artists, begs to pursue. This has resulted in a broad and consistently marvelous array of work that bridges the divide between compositional rigor and improvisational abandon, whipping elements of each into a heady, ultimately bracing and wholly satisfying, stew."


News and work in progress



DisCon Festival


We're very excited to announce that in November 2019 Martin Archer (Discus) and Mark Wastell (Confront) are jointly celebrating 25 years of running their respective lables by collaborating on a 2 date festival.  On Saturday 16 Nov the festival will run at Hunderd Year Gallery in London, line up tbc. On Saturday Nov 30th the second date of the festival will be at The Holt Cafe, 156 Arundel Street , Sheffield S1 4RE, commencing 5pm thru 10pm.  Hot vegetarian food will be served at the Holt, and there will be a bar.


Musicians appearing on the Sheffield date: 

Deep Tide Quartet, Mick Beck, Inclusion Principle, Dave Kane & Matthew Bourne, Mark Wastell & Luigi Marino.


Sheffield tickets are limited to 70, and although you can pay £10 on the door you can book in advance by PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Simply include your name and email address in the message.



New releases: 


Keith Tippett - The Unlonely Raindancer - rerelease of Keith's first ever solo album from 1980, now shipping.


Eclectic Maybe Band - Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror - wonderful session from the studio of Guy Segers


In progress:


Anthropology Band - Martin Archer / Pat Thomas / Chris Sharkey / Dave Sturt / Peter Fairclough / Corey Mwamba / Charlotte Keeffe - music in the electric Miles continuum.

Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer CD #5 - working title Illusion.

Martin Archer / Bo Meson - a new piece inspired by Matt Damon’s 288 word script in the latest Bourne movie.

Very pleased to announce Discus Music will be hosting the next Geordie Approach CD


 Discus Music on Bandcamp


Eagle eyed visitors may spot that up in the right hand corner there is now a link to Discus' Bandcamp account.  This has been opened for the benefit of listeners who use that site as a first call when searching for new music, or for those of you who are more comfortable using that site for your CD and download purchases, or who prefer to stream music using the Bandcamp app.  NB though - it is 20% more expensive to buy from Bandcamp than direct from Discus because they charge you VAT, and I can't offer you the £25+ discount on that platform.


Live concerts

Details of all Discus related live concerts can be accessed on the Discus Concerts Facebook page.



All prices include postage and packing worldwide.  There is an automatic discount for larger orders - if you spend more than £25, any value in excess of £25 is automatically discounted by 30% when you check out.  Pricing is identical on the main site and on the Bandcamp site, but please note that the £25+ purchase discount is not available on Bandcamp, who also charge VAT and take a commission.  So Bandcamp is fine... but you pay more and Discus gets less.

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