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This label was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer and Mick Beck, and is the CD imprint for releases by their many and various projects. Limited in its scope only by the imagination of the artists, the sounds to be found on the label vary between electronic rock music, free jazz, extended songform, improvised music, and other releases which simply cannot be categorised.  Please do spend some time browsing around our site and listening to the various music examples to be found here.


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News and work in progress


As you have probably seen elsewhere, Keith recently suffered a heart attack followed by some nasty complications. He’s back home and recovering, but it will take time. You’ve probably also seen online that Keith’s friends Hazel Miller (Ogun) and Riccardo Bergerone wish to show their support for Keith via fundraising, which is fantastic news. You can make a donation direct This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   You can also support Keith by buying his Discus release The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon from this site.  The CD has now covered its costs and proceeds go direct and regularly to Keith.  Many thanks.


In progress -  


Beck Hunters

Das Rad - Nick Robinson, Martin Archer, Steve Dinsdale

Anthropology Band - Martin Archer / Pat Thomas / Chris Sharkey / Dave Kane / Peter Fairclough / Corey Mwamba / Charlotte Keeffe.

Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer CD #5 “Illusion'.

Martin Archer / Bo Meson -n a new piece inspired by Matt Damon’s 288 word script in the latest Bourne movie.

Martin Archer - "Another Fantastic Individual" - a solo album of mainly multi-tracked saxophone quartets.



Eagle eyed visitors may spot that up in the right hand corner there is now a link to Discus' Bandcamp account.  This has been opened for the benefit of listeners who use that site as a first call when searching for new music, or for those of you who are more comfortable using that site for your CD and download purchases, or who prefer to stream music using the Bandcamp app.  NB though - it is more expensive to buy from Bandcamp than direct from Discus.


Live concerts 


Details of all Discus related live concerts can be accessed on the Discus Concerts Facebook page.





All prices include postage and packing worldwide.  There is an automatic discount for larger orders - if you spend more than £25, any value in excess of £25 is automatically discounted by 30% when you check out.  Pricing is identical on the main site and on the Bandcamp site, but please note that the £25+ purchase discount is not available on Bandcamp, who also charge VAT and take a commission.  So Bandcamp is fine... but you pay more and Discus gets less.



















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