Welcome to Discus Music

This label was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer and Mick Beck, and is the CD imprint for releases by their many and various projects. Limited in its scope only by the imagination of the artists, the sounds to be found on the label vary between electronic rock music, free jazz, extended songform, improvised music, and other releases which simply cannot be categorised.  Please do spend some time browsing around our site and listening to the various music examples to be found here.



Please note there is now an automatic discount for larger orders - if you spend more than £25, any value in excess of £25 is automatically discounted by 30% when you check out.  This gives broadly the same result as our old "buy two at full price and get a third one at a discount" system.  All prices include postage and packing worldwide.



News and work in progress

Discus 52CD is currently in production.  Echoic Enchantment (music Martin Archer, text Bo Meson) is a single extended work which features improvising musicians Philip Thomas (piano) and Simon H Fell (double bass) as soloists within a structure for percussion quartet, string quartet and spoken voice quartet.


This will be followed during 2015 by albums by Orch U A vocalist / electronicist Frostlake, a second album after quite a long break by folk-based Army of Briars, plus a first CD by Meson with poetry from the eponymous frontman in an improv rock setting which includes alt musicians Andy McAuley, Chris McMahon, Peter Rophone, Mick Somerset, Martin Archer and others.


The mighty antichoir Juxtavoices is also in the studio completing a number of audio and DVD works, again scheduled for release during 2015.


Rumour has it that the long running but so far unrecorded improv group  Coastguard All Stars (Martin Archer, Hervé Perez, Jez riley French, Philip Thomas and Stephen Chase) successfully recorded their recent gig at Huddersfield St Paul's Hall, and that the result might at long last form the basis of a Discus release.


Watch out for Story Tellers, Martin Archer's brand new group with Kim Macari (trumpet), Mick Somerset (flutes and shamen instruments), Corey Mwamba (vibraphone), Anton Hunter (guitar) and Peter Fairclough (drums) - an AACM inspired trip with Martin on multiple woodwinds and electronics.  Recording this September.


And while we're on the subject of Mick Somerset, Mick and Martin are collaborating on a record of songs, poems, electronics and drones for a special format limited edition release later in 2015,