Inclusion Principle - The 4, the 8, the 10

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First review: "Finally, there is Inclusion Principle whom I have heard, and enjoyed before, a collaboration between Martin Archer who, aside from his usual woodwinds, brings keyboards into the recordings, and Hervé Perez who contributes field recordings, beats, electronics and sax. A lengthy three-part suite ‘Ornament of Light’, which explores the “resonant space” is the pinnacle of the album and is characteristic of the pair’s live performance. The drone and beats with a suggestion of melody by the sax on parts one leads to a demonstrative passage as the ‘jazz’ emerges from the electronica; similarly on the 20 minute second part, where glitchy beats accompany echoing organ and sustained sax; there is flute to come, and again the last few minutes are climactic, as the entwining beats and saxes perform a weird ‘dance’; the denouement is more trancelike. I really enjoyed the contrast between the tranquil beats, bird call and other ‘found sounds’ and atmospheric shimmering synths with eruptions of motile sax and also the suspenseful quality of the music. ‘The 4, The 8, The 10’ is an accomplished, meditative listening experience."


Phil Jackson, ACID DRAGON