Hervé Perez - laptop, woodwind

Martin Archer - laptop, woodwind, keys

Peter Fairclough - drums and percussion


Inclusion Principle operates in a space between electronics, nu-jazz, contemporary electroacoustic music and free improvisation tending towards a minimalist approach.


Both Martin and Hervé play a similar set up of laptop and woodwinds and yet have a different approach to their instruments. Put together, there is a chemistry that inspire and drive their improvisations towards a wide range of soundscapes. the choice of instruments and sounds on their palette allows them to dramatically change their music between beat driven electro, minimal and microtonal improvisation via electroacoustic experimentation and nujazz. Now joined by master improvising percussionist Fairclough for thios third album, there is something for all in their music and, first and foremost, an enjoyment of sound and performance, which carries across and touch their audience.