de tian - Transcriptome available now

The Sheffield music scene in the late 1970s / early 1980s was a heady and creative collision zone where pop groups and avant garde groups shared stages and audiences, a situation everyone involved was very hhappy to be a part of.  Out of that creative ferment came de tian, the brainchild of ex punk bassist Paul Shaft and fired up by his collection of instruments from around the world and a stack of Stockhausen LPs.  Before too long, and after a couple of line up changes, Martin Archer joined the group, bringing with him a background of free jazz and free improvisation.  Gigs were played, but the scene was fast moving and de tian soon upped it's jazz quotient, expanded its line up, and moved on to become the Prime Time inspired jazz-punk pell mellers Bass Tone Trap before anything substantial from the prior group had been committed to vinyl.  Wind forward 30+ plus years to this new recording which finally captures the group in full flight.  It doesn't sound too much like the earlier music, but it does capture the tribal / industrial / free jazz spirit which was in the Sheffield water and air at that time.  A de tian record for current times indeed.


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Choices to make...

Rophonic is an ongoing boutique collaboration between Peter Rophone (voice, guitar and more) and Michael Harding (keyboards and other electronic manouvres).


Three years in the making, their first full-length album 'In With The Out Crowd' spans leftfield torch songs, finely sculpted soundscapes and choral pyrotechnics. It's atmospheric, hypnotic, refined and self-contained – pay a visit to their world but be warned, you may never leave.


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Craig Green - Love Notes In Binary Code

Love Notes In Binary Code comprises four beautifully recorded duets of Green’s acoustic guitar with renowned drummer Clive Deamer (Radiohead, Robert Plant, Portishead, Hawkwind). This is an EP length release duration 25 minutes.


Guitarist and Composer Craig Green's unique vision and constant exploration has spanned that last 20 years, through a wide and diverse constellation of artistic projects from jazz, avant garde, electronica and world music. With collaboration and improvisation as the focus Craig has scored music for stage, film, ballet and chamber ensembles in addition to a continuous output of recorded projects.


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The Geordie Approach review

Brian Morton in Jazz Journal

"One of my favourite groups ever, and if you’ve never tried them, now would be as good a time as any. The basic set-up is straightforward enough: two Norwegians and a Tynesider who came together in Leeds. Their first released work was on Simon H. Fell’s Bruce’s Fingers label, but they’ve evolved a bit since then. The background inspiration – or guideline – for Shields was the spontaneous method Miles Davis adopted in the studio after Lift For The Scaffold. Turn up, start playing and see what emerges. The earlier records were edited somewhat, but his new one delivers two chunky pieces, North and South, that go where they listeth and make much use of the group’s (also possibly Miles-inspired) commitment to quiet playing.

A friend asked me – and I still don’t know what inspired the question – Are they anything like Borbetomagus? And the simple answer is that TGA probably stand at the opposite pole or antipodes to the unlamented Borb. There’s no frantic overblowing. Often the busiest thing on the stand is Ståle Birkeland’s augmented kit, and while he can do a Blakey or an Elvin when the mood takes him, his default mode is quieter and more reflective. He reminds me oddly of Shelly Manne.

Sure, there’s an undercurrent of violence in some of the music, but it’s far more reflective than the normal run of improv/noise situations. Petter Frost-Fadnes’s saxophone has a certain Nordic chill about it, but he often sounds like Trevor Watts in Amalgam days, which implies a folksier feel. Chris Sharkey is the glue that holds everything together. Whether he live-samples or uses presets and prepared materials isn’t clear, but here he does seem to feed back a lot of the others’ output.

Discus has become of the essential labels of contemporary music, thanks to Martin Archer’s tireless commitment to new sounds and ideas. It seems like an ideal berth for TGA."

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Carla in the studio


Carla Diratz has been in the studio, recording vocals for a future Discus release - we can't wait to add the vocal tracks!



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