Four new Discus Music releases

Please find some time to listen to these four latest releases from Discus Music – a home for new jazz, leftfield rock, electronics and adventurous songforms.

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The Locals - out now

      An exciting live performance recorded at the Konfrontation Festival, Ulrichsberg in 2006, featuring six early compositions by Anthony Braxton arranged for the band by Pat Thomas.


When Discus Music asked Pat what recording he had in his personal archive that he would most like to see released, this one was Pat’s choice.   On first thought, the idea of arranging Braxton’s angular and complex melodies for a funk based band might seem like an off the wall idea.  But Pat didn’t become a first call improviser in a massive range of playing situations worldwide by making obvious moves.   Pat’s arrangements allow Alex Ward’s stratospheric clarinet to fly over the band’s churning grooves, and much excitement was generated in the process – as can be heard from the wild audience response!


The Locals:


Pat Thomas                             piano, melodica

Alex Ward                               clarinet

Evan Thomas                           electric guitar

Dominic Lash                          electric bass

Darren Hasson-Davis              drums


Available now!

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Music by Victoria Bourne and Walt Shaw

Victoria Bourne - Vocals, Korg Kross Workstation Walt Shaw – Kit, hand percussion, gongs, home-made instruments


Melodies inspired by traditional English Folk Songs floating above the pointillistic abstraction creating a richly atmospheric, melancholic, brooding and beautiful sound. Living in a twisted folk landscape. The threads of percussion, voice and electronics weave together, at times blending, but sometimes colliding, creating a kaleidoscopic, often haunting soundscape.


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Das Rad - 10" vinyl EP now on sale

Stocks rapidly running out of our 10" Das Rad vinyl release - don't miss out!

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The Locals

103CD - Pat Thomas / The Locals - Play The Music Of Anthony Braxton

Available here

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