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The duo continues a music partnership of 15 years, rooted in free improvisation, but for this CD working very much with the sounds of electronic rock music transposed into new contexts. The CD includes free improvisations which have been subsequently orchestrated with additional parts in the studio, atmospheric mood pieces drawing on the furthest edges of electronica, and intense rhythm pieces highlighting Jasnoch as soloist played off against Archer's detailed arrangements. This is 71 minutes of the future available now, at times almost impossibly direct and intense, and definitely breaking new ground for both players. Plus state of the art  recorded sound by Charlie Collins.


Martin Archer - sopranino saxophone, synthesizer and electronics

John Jasnoch - electric, soprano 12 string, lap steel and fretless baritone guitars, electronics


"Ten cuts totally defiant in their ability to be pinned down, taking in an electrodelic opener dedicated to Richard Pinhas / Heldon, several more healthy dollops of prog guitar-streaked electro-throbbing, the kinda acidic improv rarely seen since early Floyd, radio (mis)use, environmental sources, digital gloop and, overtly, a head for genuine exploration and, in turn, invention. This cuts it like so little else in terms of sheer passion, quality, and all the other terms I'd care to throw at something as downright genuine as this" - Fourth Dimension.


"An almost intuitive knowledge of just where the other is going.....sharp contrasts between ambient textures and intense rhythms.....never a dull moment" - Sheffield Telegraph.


"One of the most elusive releases it's been my pleasure to ponder over this year.....loose-limbed, agile and unpredictable.....Archer's intelligent electronics is reaping its reward in exciting works which effectively establish their own identities due to his disciplined flair.....Intriguing, challenging work" - Chris Blackford, Rubberneck.


"Great clarity of thought and vision resulting in an unusual richness to the music.....Highly recommended" - Francois Couture, Delire Musical Monthly.


"Disconnected Bliss offre des plages mysterieuses ainsi qu'un mariage exemplaire du son electro et de la chaleur acoustique. Eloigne de l'espirit de synthese froid et demonstratif, Disconnected Bliss injecte des emotions a la rigeur d'une recherche brilliante." - Alexis Drion.


"Tout a fait delectable! L'interaction entre les deux musiciens est empreinte d'une grande lucidite et le resultat temoigne d'une richesse inhabituelle au domaine de la musique electronique. Tres fortement recommande." - Art Zero.


"Archer and Jasnoch have really come up with the goods here: a great disk of electro-improv which is utterly contemporary and full of variety. Most duets of of electronics and live instruments are hit-and-miss: this just keeps on hitting." - Richard Cochrane, Avant.


"Archer's creations definitely push the envelope.....the music commands attention." - Bill Tilland, Motion.


"Wonderfully sophisticated electroacoustic work.....outstanding work all round." - Progress Report.


"Archer and Jasnoch have raised the level of what constitutes "cutting edge" free improvisation, bringing it into current modes without diluting its radical power.....highly recommended" - Wally Shoup, Improvisor.


"The music of ASK possesses the textures of electronic, the subtleties of ambient and the spirit of jazz, melting organic and synthetic sonorities and instrumentation in a limitless experimentation of virtuosity" - Jean-Francois Fecteau, Le Vestibule.


"Wonderful assemblage of saxophones, guitars and heavily processed electronic sputter…..A splendid array of grizzled mulch and computer – bound abandon impossible to imagine arriving from lesser minds. With a pedigree as strong as Archer’s, it’s difficult to think of him ever slipping. ASK, comprising sawtooth blare, crinkled dynamics, rivers of electronically – charged sweat and neatly hewn samples sustain this course rather nicely" - Adverse Effect.