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Solo, Duo, Quartet and Ensemble Music from Charlotte Keeffe


This first release from the dynamic trumpet player features Charlotte Keeffe in a number of configurations recorded mainly live over the last three years. The four Quartet recordings on the disk find Charlotte in her group with guitar, bass and drums – the music is melodic, soaring, incisive jazz. By contrast, the tracks with the venerable London Improvisers Orchestra find Charlotte in a conduction mode, spontaneously creating structures and textures from this very large group of players. The solo and duo tracks on the record highlight Charlotte’s love of live electronic transformation of her sound. Taken as a whole this collection sets out a varied musical stall for this exciting young player / composer.

In Charlotte's words: Right Here, Right Now is an exciting collaboration of over 60 improvising musicians and artists from all over the world! Including British stalwart improvising musicians Steve Beresford, Caroline Kraabel, John Edwards and vocalists Maggie Nicols and Phil Minton amongst the improvised textures of the large ensemble pieces (London Improvisers Orchestra).

It’s been captured visually by sensational artist Gina Southgate, who created the artwork on the front and disc covers especially for this Discus Music release.

It’s always been a necessity for me to make music, but it feels like only recently that I’m truly allowing myself to just play, just be, in the right here, right now…

When I’m improvising freely I feel the most connected to everything, the most creative, the most musical. I feel the most freedom.

Right Here, Right Now is also the title of my first conduction with the London Improvisers Orchestra in 2019. Noizemaschin!! is an excerpt from my first freely improvised solo performance in 2017 at a concert series also called Noizemaschin!!

I’d love people to be inspired by the rawness of this music/album, its moments, its liveness…

Right Here, Right Now is an invitation for people to explore a creative freedom of their own.

Right Here, Right Now is for all.  



Charlotte Keeffe Quartet

Charlotte Keeffe - trumpet and flugelhorn

Moss Freed - guitar

Ben Handysides - drums,

Ashley John Long - double bass


Duo with

Diego Sampieri – guitar


The London Improvisers Orchestra 

Knut Aufermann - electronics, Stephan Barrett - bells, Douglas Benford - melodica, harmonium, Steve Beresford - piano, electronics, John Bisset - guitar, Phoebe Bognár - flute, Adam Bohman - objects/voice, Dee Byrne - alto saxophone, Daniel Cano-Amaro - trumpet, Andrew Ciccone - electronics, Martin Clarke - alto saxophone, Phil Durrant - e-bowed dulcimer, mandola, John Edwards - double bass, Susanna Ferrar - violin, Jacques Foschia - clarinet, Dave Fowler - percussion, Dawid Frydryk - trumpet, Ng Chor Guan - theremin, Martin Hackett - electronics, Mark Hilton - double bass, Charlotte Hug - viola/voice, Linda Jankowska - violin, Robert Jarvis - trombone, Ivor Kallin - viola/voice, Emil Karlsen - percussion, Charlotte Keeffe - trumpet and trumpet mouthpiece, Gero Kempf - double bass, Caroline Kraabel - alto saxophone, David Leahy - double bass,  Edward Lucas - trombone, Sue Lynch - tenor saxophone, clarinet, Marcello Magliocchi - drums, Jonny Martin - trumpet and flugelhorn, Pascal Marzan - microtonal 10-string guitar, Neil Metcalfe - flute, Phil Minton - voice, trumpet,  Olivia Moore - violin, Maggie Nicols - voice, Adrian Northover - alto and soprano saxophone, Simon Petermann - trombone, Dave Powell - tuba, Cath Roberts - baritone saxophone, Lukax Santana - percussion, Emily Suzanne Shapiro - clarinet, bass clarinet, Sebastian Sterkowicz - bass clarinet, Bryan Styles - percussion, Trevor Taylor - gong/vibraphone, João Pedro Viegas - bass clarinet, Martin Vishnick - guitar,  Philip Wachsmann - violin, Jackie Walduck - vibraphone, Sarah Washington - electronics, Jerry Wigens - mandolin, Pei Ann Yeoh - violin, Thodoris Ziarkas - lyra 


Beautiful and captivating – bestofjazz.org   



I looked forward to the compilation of Charlotte Keeffe’s own music with a quartet including guitar, double bass and drums recorded live at the Cockpit Theatre Jazz in the Round in 2019, a large ensemble, the mighty London Improvisers’ Orchestra on three tracks- quite magnificent- bees are suggested as the title implies on the tremulous first piece; the second, ‘To Steve Beresford’ a ‘conduction’ i.e. spontaneously created structures and textures, the sudden silence on 3:30 is stunning, as ‘bass’ sounds such as tuba make way for rippling piano, almost breaking into honky-tonk (!), and woodwinds, an intriguing, teasing piece with growling brass having the final say; the flutes and trumpet doing a marvellous dance, on the third, in Stravinsky territory perhaps, with a spoken mantra at the end; and one duo free improvisation with guitar (‘OM’) - ethereal harmonics and sensitive playing by Keeffe that marks her out as a top contemporary jazz musician- and a 5 minute live free improvisation. ‘Right Here, Right Now’ is the title of the Discus 107 CD. The quartet recordings are snappy, well-structured and played, four minute pieces with dreamy, lingering trumpet notes with repeated motif followed by mazy runs, mercurial guitars and flailing, swishing drums, rocking out on the second. The influence of John McLaughlin seems obvious on guitarist Moss Freed- a whole album of this please! – Phil Jackson, ACID DRAGON