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Transient v Resident is Chris Bywater and Martin Archer, both playing synthesizers, electronics and amplified objects. The group works in the  broad genre of creative electronic music, which for us is a direct songline  from the early experiments of Stockhausen and Dockstader, through the  classic German synthesists of the 1970s and 1980s to the dark ambient and  dub soundsmiths of today.  The group is very much about playing and creating  music in real time. Finished works arise from single improvisations, or by editing together parts from improvisations. Despite the improvised nature of the music, the end result can be both tonal and rhythmic.  Electrical Shroud is the first CD release by the group, and is taken from  sessions recorded at various times throughout 1996 and 1997. When we  listened back to the many hours of music from this period, we decided to  give the whole CD a consistent mood and character by choosing only tracks  that fitted with our idea for the overall sound, emphasising the dark and abrasive side to the group. Most of the material finally chosen is loosely based on structures which we used for live performances during that period,  although (as is generally the case for TvR) all the music is improvised in  real time without any overdubs and with a minimum of editing.  The finished  sound is raw and spontaneous, and the complex interactions within the music  lift TvR out of the world of polite electronica and into a universe of infinite variety and texture.


Chris Bywater - synthesizers and electronics

Martin Archer - synthesizers and electronics


"An environment which falls somewhere between a computer system breakdown and a series of controlled explosions in a virtual landscape.....An air of constant surprise is generated.....Compelling and in keeping with the spirit behind Oval, Microstoria, DJ Spooky, Seefeel.....Catch up with this absolutely mesmerising release" - Fourth Dimension.

"An awful lot of time and contemplation shows in keenly realised shifts of textural motion.....Much contrast" - Wire.


"The momentum is onwards towards mutations of densities and dynamics, large scale and intimate soundscapes, where an insectile scraping of amplified objects inhabits the crevices of towering blocks of sound, where a twist of melody suddenly brightens an austere landscape. Certainly the most absorbing and entertaining electronic music I've heard for a very long time" - Rubberneck.


"You've only to play this against any given slice of experimental techno and you'll likely find TvR win every time, scoring full marks for inspired and dangerous chaos.....Fantastic recorded sound quality.....You can almost hear the machines think" - Sound Projector.


"Kinda Cluster goes seriously classical avant" - Ultima Thule.


"At their best, TvR offer up some tight, imaginative spacemusic with sophisticated new music twists." - Bill Tilland, Motion.


"Sonically lush yet compositionally austere.....No compromise.....First rate." - Glenn England, Improvisor.


Transient v Resident sind Martin Archer und Chris Bywater, die heute u.a. Teil des Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere sind. Schon 1995 schlossen sich Archer und Bywater zu einem Experimentalelektronik-Duo zusammen, welches den Namen Transient v Resident bekam. Nach diversen Liveauftritten erschien 1997 mit "Electrical Shrouds" das Debütalbum des Projekts als siebte CD auf Archers Discus Label.

Elektronische Klänge, gibt es auf "Electrical Shrouds" zu hören, erzeugt vermittels Synthesizern, allerlei elektronischen Soundquellen und diversen amplifizierten und verfremdeten Klängen und Geräuschen. Hier plingt und klappert, wabert und dröhnt, pulsiert und hackt, quietscht und schrubbt, brummt und zischt, orgelt und hallt es ziemlich ungezwungen durcheinander, mal kosmisch-erhaben, mal krautig-elektronisch, mal freiformatig-wirr, mal rhythmisch gefügt, mal frei schwebend, mal ambientartig, mal intensiv und lärmend, mal verspielt und farbig, mal (meist) kalt, düster und schroff.

Gewisse Bezüge zu den experimentelleren Krautelektronikern lassen sich herstellen (z.B. Kluster und die frühen Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Seesselberg), und natürlich haben Elektronikpioniere wie z.B. Tod Dockstader und Morton Subotnick ihre Spuren in dieser Musik hinterlassen. Ansonsten gibt es hier sehr eigene und alles in allem sehr kreative und abwechslungsreiche, elektronische Klangkreationen auf die Ohren, die allerdings eher roh und sperrig ausgefallen sind, avantgardistisch und free.


Wer abenteuerliche Elektronikkonstruktionen und die weiter oben erwähnten Einflussgeber schätzt, der sollte "Electrical Shrouds" ein Ohr leihen. Zudem bilden die hier zu hörenden Sounds wohl die Grundlage der Klänge, die später beim Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere im Hintergrund herumgeistern sollten. Wer also die Musik des Orchestra schätzt, der findet hier einen Teil der klanglichen Wurzeln. Anstrengend, aber gut! - Achim Breiling, BABYBLAUE