5CD - Network - Volume two: 54 music miniatures - CD plus download

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Harder and darker than Volume One, with one quarter of the soundsmiths from that work reappearing here. The Network artists are lmost like a theatrical repertory company, assembling for each new roduction, giving continuity and character to the project, a second act in which some familiar faces return. The editing is more radical than before, with longer overlaps between tracks leading to a number of short virtual duets. In addition, rather than aiming for maximum contrast between tracks, there are several sustained moods achieved by grouping similar tracks together. Thus the work moves from electronics to a section where improvisation alternates with contemporary classical pieces, then to a series of saxophone works which eventually make way for the human voice. As before, a few of the contributors need no introduction,  but for the most part we celebrate the unknown.


Dual  - Myopia

Vibration Whitefinger -  Rent a Lout

Yasuhiro Ohtani - ook of Memory (When the Dead Weep)

Tim Risher  - Variation 1

Tim Hodgkinson  - Paradise - 23

Martin Archer -  Nacht vogel

Air Conditions -  Synthaprufe

Nicky Heinen / Tony Flynn -  Sonic Scion

Peter Green -  Guitar and Tape; 101

Anthony Brown -  I can see the possibilities

A D Johnstone Undecided Incision

John Jasnoch -  The Perky Pat Lay-Outs

Martin Klapper -  Killing Floor (Live at Home)

Transient v Resident - Wild Oscars

Nik Bizzell-Browning -  Industrial Whale

Boots / Penfold  - 1'29" (Know your 101)

Ambassador  - Magog

Howard Ingram -  De-commissioned

John Russell  - Strakt

Glen Capra -  Three Etudes

The Impossible  - Swig (Brain mix)

Amanda Sweeney  - Warning

Tom & Graham  - Cotton Bud

Bello & Trifeletti -  Unknown Melody

Sam Fendrich -  Etude Brutus 27

Scuba -  Aqua Frolics

In be tween noise -  Stars and Moon (a Micro-Opera)

Paul Ayres -  Sing Softly

Simon H. Fell  - 55 Double Bass Players Go Apeshit

Morgan Hayes  - Blizzard

Mick Beck  - Flies

Dave Pullin -  Duals after Rodin

Dal Strutt -  A Plea for Unicorns / Variation V

Mayne / Lazzarini  - Condense(ation) 7" Unit Shifter mix

After Birth  - Respire and Sustain

Clive Linem  - Boolean Abode

Peter Godfrey  - Impromptu No. 2

Martin Read -  Miners' Cottages

Hornweb Sax Quartet  - Shape Shifting

7H- The Sea Monkeys Foot and Mouth Emporium

Motion Control -  I do what I feel

Paul Ackerley -  No False Alarm

C S Coggle -  Arousal Jag

Sedayne -  Pharos / Vals / Eventyr

Mole  - Thai Gazai

Alfred Harth -  Adriatic Air

Charlotte Glasson  - Flaking Yellow Stucco

Graham Halliwell  - At One Ten

Richard Powell -  Indy 1

Simon Kingsley -  Pause and Effect

Paul Burnell  - The Time Has Come

Katharine Norman -  The Future

Duncan Marshall - The Sound From Voyager


"Extremely varied and addictive, definitely the most exciting and compelling compilation you will hear for a long time" - Noisegate.


"The highlights are too numerous to mention" - Sheffield Telegraph.


"Pieces which would conventionally be described as odd all sound wonderfully at home within the experimental broad church that is Network. The project is clearly going from strength to strength. Get involved" - Chris Blackford, Wire.