63CD - Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere - θ3

Painting by Walt Shaw


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2 CD Set


Shipping MAY 2017


Discus Music is proud to present Theta Three, the third release by the improvising rock group Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, a 7 piece outfit referencing the music of Terry Riley, prog and Krautrock explorations with a contemporary electronic edge.


This third double CD showcases the core band at their best- innovative improvisation, haunting hypnotic grooves and blasts of sheer exuberance.It has been simmering since 2015, when bass and drums laid down inspiring rhythms and a day's recorded improvisations in the studio led to a collection of infinite complexity and powerful pieces.


This time round the band have been augmented by strings and trombone and is a project on a big scale with a more defined band feel.The 20 tracks are an enticing mixture of improvisations and composed pieces each complete in themselves  but combining to make an astounding whole. Enjoy...



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Martin Archer – keyboards, electronics, saxophones, clarinets, flute, bass recorder, bass harmonica

Chris Bywater – keyboards, electronics, laptop, percussion, voice, violin

Steve Dinsdale – electronic drum kit, keyboards

frostlake – voice, electronics, viola

Yvonna Magda – violin, electronics

Walt Shaw – percussion, electronics, voice

Terry Todd – bass guitar




George Murray – trombone

Paul Schatzberger – violin

Aby Vulliamy – viola

Angela Rosenfeld – cello



This new release is awaiting first review