61CD - Trevor Watts and Stephen Grew Duo - All There Is

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1 CD Set


It’s been said on quite a few occasions after concerts of  this duo, that it  sounds as though there’s a real affinity within the  playing. This comes through very much so in their new recording “All There Is”. Within it they use the full spectrum of dynamics and techniques that  have been developed individually over their differing careers. Watts’ roots go back to the very beginnings of improvised music as a founder member of the SME in the 1960’s and Stephen Grew has been part of the Improvised Music scene since 1994 and has played consistently on the national and international circuit, both as a soloist and in numerous collaborations.

 The combination of their playing styles leads for a very potent and visceral experience, but also has interludes of great tenderness.  The music has both a relaxed, and “on the edge” feel at the same time, as all truly improvised music has. Relaxed because that’s the way the play it, and on the edge because nobody, let alone the musicians, knows where it’s going. But the previously mentioned affinity is the glue that makes it all work ever so well together!


Discus Music us delighted to make this distinguished improvising duo available ona disc recorded and produced by Shaun Blezard with artwork by Silena Lena.



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Trevor Watts - alto and soprano saxophones


Stephen Grew - piano



This new release is awaiting first review