58CD/DVD - Juxtavoices - Warning : May Contain Notes

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2 CD Set


Third collection of works by the mighty antichoir Juxtavoices collects all the pieces we performed in the period 2012-2015 plus a disc of DVD interpretations created in collaboration with Bo Meson.  Four group members contribute compositions to this collection which includes troubled seascapes, exploding islands, futurist wars, curious wordplay on the subject of ageing disreputably, a reinterpretation of early Cabaret Voltaire recordings and a terrifying ascent to the very jaws of hell. 


These recordings were made over the course of a couple of years at various concert and rehearsal locations, following which the group took a 12 month sabbatical to recover from a regime of fortnightly rehearsals and 40 or so gigs over the previous 5 years.  Juxtavoices returns refreshed to the stage in 2017!


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Julie Archer, Martin Archer, Jon Ashe, David Bartholomew, Ian Baxter, Mick Beck, Nathan Bettany, Geoff Bright, Chris Bywater, Clinton Chaloner, Julie Cole, Laura Cole, Emma Cooper, Paul Coupe, Edward Eggleston, Kat Fletcher, Sharon Gill, Alan Halsey, Matt Harling, Lyn Hodnett, Maria Kalnars, Christine Kennedy, Bo Meson, Tamar Millen, Geraldine Monk, Rick Moran, Liam Murphy, Tim Plant, Marion Rout, Liz Searle, Wolfgang Seel, Walt Shaw,  Jan Todd, Jane Tormey, Caroline Veal, Peter Veal, Linda Lee Welch, Gillian Whiteley.




On "Warning: May Contain Notes" by Discus Records' mega-choir Juxtavoices, six huge compositions ranging from Lux Aeterna-like anti-melody space epics, through freaky small-voice pieces, to ultra-crazy linguistic slabs (the epic 'To You & Me Krakatoa') enchant, bewilder, or otherwise engage the listener. The overwhelming majority of the album (a collection of works recorded over three years) is listenable, and some of it is rather gorgeous, not least when the solo voices, or pairs/trios of solo voices poke through all the mayhem, like sunbeams through stormclouds. -  TERRASCOPIC RUMBLINGS 



Phew! Juxtavoices to the second. And the whole thing also... probably contains notes. So, end of 2016 Martin Archer presented the second album of his anti-choir from Sheffield. The tonal concept of "warning: may contain notes" little has changed in comparison to its predecessor, of course. Also here is a large amateur chorus creative working, rather free-format-usually, but pretty good and committed.


The number of the parties are operating not vocal and whose deposits have increased. You will hear here but slightly more frequently than on the previous electronic samples, percussion and instrumental parts, however verbeiebne they mostly in the background. In the Centre is still clearly the human voice. However, not only, or more rarely, is sung. It is extensively recited, Gejauchzt, breathed, whispered, moaned, charged, Growl, cried, laughed (where that could come from the audience some numbers here are live recordings), Geschnattert, Genölt, shouted at and there's Yodelling, even subtly, even quite expressive.


The results are bizarre progressive Chronummern with occasional instrumental accompaniment, which on the one hand very confused, desolate and at an angle from the boxes crowd, on the other hand equally intense, hypnotic, mysterious, and sometimes almost sacral forward work. The effect on the listener (the reviewer) oscillates somewhere between shoes take off and beeindrucktem wonder. Here, I have the impression that a concert experience to some could well be formative.


"Warning: may contain notes" consisting of a CD with 6 tracks and a DVD is a double album,. This part offers the same numbers, but other versions have been recorded elsewhere. On the DVD, you get but not about the presenters to face (if only shadowy and edited). Instead, the music is accompanied by graphic intricate videos all of Bo Meson designed. This is quite nice, but not permanently tie the mainly acoustically distinct reviewers. Perhaps, an optical Konzertmittschnitt had been there but interesting.


All in all is "warning: may contain notes" that is strenuous, but quite entertaining (in a way) and interesting listening experience. If you want a such experience, and no aversions against human voices has, especially those that occasionally vapourish be used. He should listen to here once.  - ACHIM BREILING, BABYBLAUE ZEITEN (Google translation).